Cables & Connectors

You can have the world's greatest compnents, but if you do not have quality wire connecting them you may as well have the cheapest components. That is why we have chosen the following brands to help you get the most out of your equipment:

Tributaries® Cable is a privately owned American company based in Orlando, Florida. We are suppliers to over six hundred of the U.S.A.'s best Audio Video retailers and custom installers - and also supply distributors all around the World too. We have built our business and our reputation over the past fifteen years based simply on our commitment to quality, value, performance and service. Unlike many companies in the cable business, our products are only based on high quality tried and tested materials and on scientific principles. As you may have read, many cable companies make wild claims (some of which even defy the laws of physics). That's just not our way - and just one of the reasons why we have won the coveted AV industry award "Inside Track Magazine's Supplier Loyalty Award" a record Eleven out of Twelve times in the past Twelve years! Great products. Great Service and Great Value. That's us.


NXG Technology

Our engineering team members acquired more than 60 years of collective experience at Design Acoustics®, Ross®, BIC®, Audio-Technica®, Electro-Voice® and others. Their accomplishments have included: 

  • Award-winning speaker systems
  • Top ratings by leading consumer testing magazines
  • Design patents
  • Numerous individual design and engineering awards

With our solid foundation and continual focus on next-generation advancements, look to NXG to lead the way now—and in the future