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At Premier Electronic Solutions we understand the importance of quality sound reproduction. Whether for music or movies, speakers play a critical role in what you hear. They can make the difference between music moving your soul or moving you to turn it off. And the right multi-channel speaker system can put you in the movie. Yes, speakers are important.

We have chosen the following speakers for our customers:

Browser & Wilkins Definitive Technology speakercraft
  • Bowers & Wilkins (B & W)

    Not only the world's largest speaker manufacturer, also considered by most to be the reference standard line by which all other speaker lines are judged. A true modern masterpiece both in terms of aesthetics and audio performance, the flagship Nautilus speaker is where it all begins for B&W. In traditional speakers, B & W's line-up ranges from their top of the line 800 series with the finest reproduction available today, to their CM series offering much of the performance found in the 800 series at a lower price point, to the fantastic 600 series with incredible performance for the money. B & W also offers three ranges of compact speakers in the Mini Theater, VM6, and Leisure Monitor series. Stepping away from traditional speakers, B & W offers the contemporary design of the XT series and their FPM line of thin on-wall speakers designed to mount next to flat panel televisions.

  • Definitive Technology

    Definitive Technology's speakers have received more favorable reviews than any other speaker line. Definitive Technology is a company that isn't afraid to take a different approach to speaker design in pursuit of quality performance. Definitive's current line of Bipolar Towers capitalize on years of refinements that have consistently pushed them forward. The stylish Mythos line of speakers are anything but traditional in design. With their sleek cabinets, and slim footprints, the Mythos line is designed to not only sound great but look good doing it. Definitive also offers a complete line-up of compact speakers in their ProCinema series. And their recently expanded outdoor speaker collection frees your music from the confines of the home. In-wall and in-ceiling speakers have also received the Definitive treatment. Definitive Technology covers everything from their reference in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, to in-wall subwoofers, to moderately priced speakers for audio in secondary areas. Finally, there is Definitive Technology's SuperCube line of subwoofers.


    Definitive tech
  • SpeakerCraft

    The world's largest manufacturer of custom install speakers. SpeakerCraft has an in-wall, in-ceiling, or outdoor speaker designed for any application imaginable. Their patented AIM technology, which allows for the speaker drivers to be redirected, has been applied to both in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. With this technology, we can do a stealth surround speaker system. Sound that you hear, but don't see. Talk about designer friendly, this is it. Outdoor speakers and rock speakers of all shapes and sizes including 3-way outdoor speakers and rock subwoofers. All backed by a lifetime warranty.



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