Remote Access Surveillance Solutions from Premier
Digital Video Surveillance

Keep an eye on your business while you're away...

With a video surveillance system installed at your place of business you can settle customer disputes faster, recover stolen merchandise, or even help reduce frivolous worker's compensation claims by keeping a 'hidden' eye on your bottom line. You can't be there 24 hours a day so stop wondering and start monitoring.

Why invest in a remote access surveillance system?
  1. Deter Criminals:
    • A primary goal for a security system is to deter a criminal act from ever happening. Strategically placed cameras will give criminals the reason to stop and go somewhere else.
  2. Prevent Theft:
    • $50K per year is what the average small business loses according to recent retail industry studies.  Due to current economic times the risk of internal and external theft has skyrocketed. It’s proven that a surveillance system can easily cut that figure in half.
  3. Reduce Liability:
    • Criminals also look to benefit by making false claims against companies.  Without evidence to defend themselves, a business can be literally robbed with zero recourse. Surveillance system deters these acts and allows you to dispute their claims if they do occur.
  4. Improve Productivity:
    • One of the biggest cost a business faces today is workforce productivity.  A surveillance system helps to keep people on their best behavior when you’re not around, and it allows a manager to monitor work habits on his or her own schedule.
  5. Enhance Customer Experience:
    • Many retail businesses use their surveillance system to monitor customer shopping habits, improve product placement, optimize store traffic patterns,  and ensure a positive customer experience.
  6. Streamline Operations:
    • Use your surveillance system to monitor equipment and quickly identify problems that may cause delays.
  7. Manage Remotely:
    • A properly configured surveillance system has the capability of viewing a number of facilities from a single location. This can dramatically reduce your cost of equipment and management overhead costs.
  8. Protect Intellectual Property:
    • Your competitors would pay dearly for your company’s secrets.  Well placed cameras can prevent those with access and intent of stealing your secrets to think twice.
  9. Validate Alarms:
    • Never wake up in the middle of the night and drive all the way down to work because of a false alarm. With a networked enabled surveillance system you can check your business from the comfort of your own home.
  10. Deliver Peace of Mind:
    • Be able to protect your assets and provide a safe and secure environment for employees, friends, and family.  And in the event that something does happen your are empowered to bring the offender to justice.