Digital Signage

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Powerful, Effective, & Dynamic Medium To Reach Your Audience...

A digital sign brings innovation and movement to a previously static medium. A dynamic and visually stimulating message engages your target audience and demands their attention. Instead of the passive experience of looking at a poster, billboard, or other traditional sign, a Digital Sign’s movement, color, and dynamically changing presentation encourages the viewer to look up and pay attention.

For businesses, Digital Signs are ideal for on-site promotions/specials, suggestive selling, and even co-op advertising. For all organizations (businesses, government, schools, church’s, et al.), Digital Signage offers an efficient modern method of announcing upcoming events, meetings, new policies, safety information, and much more.

Why Consider Digital Signage?
  • More likely to be noticed than a static sign and increase dwell time on premise.
  • More efficient than traditional methods. Saves wall space and printing costs involved static messages.
  • Opportunity to stand out from the competition.
How Can Digital Signage Be Put Into Action?

  • In Queues or Waiting Areas: Digital Signs can be utilized to announce specials, promotions, new services offered, and featured offerings. Digital Signage in a waiting area not only offers the opportunity to get the message out to a captive audience, statistics also show that the visual stimulation a Digital Sign provides actually reduces perceived reduced waiting time.
    • Restaurants, Bars, Nightclubs - Dinner and drink specials
    • Spas - Specials and new product / service offerings
    • Car Dealerships – new vehicle advertising
    • Real Estate – featured listings
  • In Store Front Windows and common areas: Digital Signs can let the word know who your business or organization is and what they have to offer. Digital signs build your brand and can offer the enticement that passersby need to step though the front door and find out more.
Announcements & Information
  • Building or site layout maps highlighting important areas.
  • Employee and member announcements. E.g. Safety bulletins, meetings times/dates, and news.
  • Stock market updates, weather, and industry pertinent to the organization.

Ready to step into the dynamic world of Digital Signage? Premier Electronic Solutions can provide you and your business or organization with the ideal Digital Signage solution. Contact us for more information.

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