Residential GPS Tracking

Perfect for keeping family members safe and protected while on the road.

Why Consider GPS Vehicle Tracking?

  • Easily locate or monitor your vehicles.
  • GPS Tracking uses Google mapping which includes a standard map, satellite, and hybrid for ease of use.
  • Locate and recover missing vehicles.
  • Monitor your vehicle from any computer.
  • Send email or text message notifications for speed alerts, zone alerts, and low battery notifications.
  • Locate your vehicles at any time.
  • View the history for the past 60 days.
  • No batteries, powered by the vehicle.
Pricing Info:
*w/ 1 year contract.

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GPS Tracking FAQ:

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Q. What if I forget my login and password for the tracking web site?
A. Click the "forgot password" icon on the login page. You will be prompted to input the email address used when your account was set up. Press the "Reset Password" button. Once you have sent the request, password reset instructions will be emailed to you. 
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Q. Can I change my service plan?
A. Contact your dealer for more information on service plan upgrades. 
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Q. What do the lights on the GPS Tracking device mean?
A. O = Power, C = Cellular Connection ,G = GPS Connection


Cell LED


Ignition State


Not Applicable

Slow Blink

Solid On



Not Applicable

Slow Blink

ON, Blinking (the number of blinks is the number of satellites acquired)


Active with GPS Fix

Not Applicable

Slow Blink

Solid On



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Q. Can I cover up the lights on the device?
A. After installation, the lights can be covered up very easily and this has no effect on the device's performance. 
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Q. Is this a satellite-based vehicle tracking system?
A. Yes, meaning, the tracking unit determines its location from Satellite signals. 
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Q. How accurate is the location?
A. The GPS Tracking mapping system uses the nation's GPS satellite system to locate a vehicle from ten to within a few hundred feet of its actual location. Accuracy can be affected by a number of factors including weather, trees, tall buildings, and the amount of viewable sky. The position is calculated using latitude and longitude, and is only an estimate. 
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Q. What type of mapping does GPS Tracking use?
A. GPS Tracking uses Google mapping which includes a standard map, satellite, and hybrid (lays map over satellite image). 
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Q. Does the device need to be recharged at any time after it is installed?
A. No, the device is powered by the vehicle and never needs to be charged after it is installed. 
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Q. What happens if the device is unplugged from the vehicle?
A. The device will not operate if it is removed. To restore reporting and return to tracking, simply plug the device back into the OBDII port. 
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Q. Can I create a custom report?
A. Yes, you can export reports to a .csv file (excel document, word document, etc.) 
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Q. What does each of the Event Types in the location History mean?

Event Type Message


Service Plan


Location reporting every 5 minutes while engine is on.

Advanced Tracking

Engine On

Indicates that the vehicle's ignition has been turned on.

Basic and Advanced Tracking

Engine Off

Indicates that the vehicle's ignition has been turned off.

Basic and Advanced Tracking

Speed Alert

Notification when a vehicle exceeds a user-defined speed limit.

Basic and Advanced Tracking

Zone Alert

Notifications when your vehicle moves in or out of a user-defined area.

Basic and Advanced Tracking

Requested Position

User initiated request to report the locations of a vehicle.

Basic and Advanced Tracking


Indicates a daily test messages sent by your GPS Tracking device.

Basic and Advanced Tracking

Battery Low

Notification when the power supplied to your GPS device goes below 10.8 VDC.
Please Note: This alert does not provide notification when power is removed from your GPS device.

Basic and Advanced Tracking

GPS Lock

Indicates that the device is powered up and has been located by the GPS satellites. This event is sometimes displayed upon the initial installation of the Device, or when power has been removed and then restored to the Device (Device was unplugged and then plugged back in), the event will be logged.

Basic and Advanced Tracking

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Q. Can I receive email alerts for speeding vehicles or other triggers?
A. Yes, you can configure the system to send email or text message notifications for speed alerts, zone alerts, and low battery notifications. Simply click on the "notifications" tab and follow the simple instructions. 
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Q. Why does my history report indicate multiple events during the same time and location?
A. This is due to loss of GPRS and/or GPS communications, which is typically caused by your vehicle moving into a covered area, such as a garage or tunnel. These events have been stored in the device and are delivered to the web site once communication is restored, and will report the time and location of its last know location. 
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Q. How long does the "Track Now" function report?
A. Track Now reports events every 5 minutes for one hour. 
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Q. My tracking unit has stopped reporting. What should I do?
A. You may need to reset your device. For GPS Tracking auto, simply unplug the device, wait five minutes and plug back in. For the GPS Tracking autoPRO device, contact your installing dealer. 
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