Home Theaters & Media Rooms
Bring The Movie Theater Experience To Your Home

Why head to the Cineplex hoping you don't end up with the worst seat in the house? You can have the best seat every time in your own personal Home Theater.

We specialize in helping people realize their dreams of having a movie theater in their homes. Maybe you'd like tiered theater seating with treated walls, a starfield ceiling, and a popcorn machine? Or, maybe a room with a more casual approach, where you can lounge out after a hard day and watch a movie. Whether you already have a room you'd like to transform, or you are building a new home, we can help take you from concept, to design, to installation.

What if movies are only part of the experience you're looking for? What if you'd like to play video games, or watch HD sports on a real BIG screen? Maybe you'd like to be able to keep your on eyes on more than one sports event at a time. It sounds like it's time for a Media Room. And why not? We can custom tailor a system that meets or exceeds your wildest dreams. So go ahead and indulge yourself.

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