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Escape the stress of life with a Home Entertainment System.

Whether you're looking for the Ultimate Home Entertainment System so you can invite everyone over for the Big Games and the latest movies or a more modest Entertainment System for you and your loved ones to enjoy every day, we’ve got you covered. Our designers & staff have the experience and expertise to make it happen for you.

Like any addition to your home, your Entertainment System should reflect your personality and style. At Premier Electronic Solutions we believe you are unique and our primary goal is to help create an Entertainment System that best meets what you are looking for specifically; YOUR Entertainment System and not the generic one-size-fits-all “system in a box”.

An Entertainment System, like a computer, car, roller coaster, or any other system, is made up of a number of different pieces that work together to achieve an end result none of the pieces could on their own. And like these other systems, there are almost limitless options to consider. Our job is to help you indentify exactly what is right for you.

Some of the key components of a Home Entertainment System are as follows:


It doesn’t matter how great your Entertainment System sounds or how amazing it looks if no one can figure out how to use it; it would just be a waste of your hard earned money. To prevent this frustration and insure your time is spent enjoying your magnificent Entertainment System and not cursing it requires an intuitive, user-friendly control interface.

Whether a single wand-style remote, iPad® app, or advanced network enabled control processor, the directive is singular – keep it simple. It shouldn’t take a specialized degree to enjoy some music, a movie, or the big game. With an Entertainment System from Premier Electronic Solutions, one touch control is in the palm of your hand.

Content & Sources:

The music we enjoy listening to, movies we love, programs we follow, games we play, and sports we are fans of make each of us unique. Why would you want an Entertainment System if it doesn’t give you what you love? At Premier, we can help you create an Entertainment System that does.

Some of the most common options for content for Entertainment Systems are:

  • Streaming Movies & Television Programs On Demand. Netflix, Vudu, Hulu, Youtube and others offer the ability for you to watch movies and television programs whenever you want over the internet. Instant entertainment.
  • Gaming Systems. Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii take on a life of their own on a well designed Entertainment System. Live the game instead of just playing it.
  • Streaming Music. Is there anything more personal than music? Whether you are into Rock, Rap, R&B, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Classical, Country, or Heavy Metal, there are a multitude of services that put your music on play whenever you want to hear it. For content you own, you can stream music from the computers in your home or off your Mobile Device (iPods, iPhones, iPads, etc). Services like Pandora Internet Radio allow you to create your own virtual stations based on a song or artist you like. While services like Spotify and Rhapsody allow you to stream albums, songs, and playlists of your own choosing – on demand! Not to mention virtually all AM/FM station are also now available over the internet.
  • Satellite or Cable. DirecTV, Bright House, U-Verse, or Dish Network DVRs allow you to record your favorite shows and watch them on your own time schedule. They also do allow you to watch them live if you must. Sporting events enjoyed on a properly implemented Entertainment System give you the experience of being at the game while sitting in the comfort of your own home.
  • Blu-Ray. For the ultimate movie experience, it is impossible to beat the realism a well-designed Home Entertainment System can give you when married to the pristine 1080p HD video and lossless 7.1 channel audio soundtrack that Blu-Ray can offer. See and hear every detail. Let the stress of daily life slip away with a good movie.
  • CD. Yes we can help you legally copy all of your Music in a lossless digital format for streaming and it sounds great. And if you like, we can even still include a CD player for the venerable silver discs when you feel nostalgic.
  • Turntable. Yes turntables are making a comeback. Take a look at new releases and chances are you will see the artist is also releasing a special edition Vinyl LP as well. Why? The sound we hear is an analog waveform. And many people feel a quality turntable played through an exceptional sound system still provides the warmest, most natural sound.

Try putting in a pair of ear plugs the next time you are at the theater and then ask yourself, “How much impact does sound have on a movie?” The whisper in the background, the planes flying overhead, the door opening in the darkness, the subtle and not so subtle sounds and crisp dialogue impact every movie experience. What about sports? Surround sound should transport you to the stadium on game day, only without the traffic! And with the right audio the speakers disappear and your favorite artists are in the room with you. Listen to all of your favorite songs again for the first time.

At Premier we understand that many Entertainment Systems are installed in Family Rooms, Great Rooms, and Living Rooms and the last thing most people want is a gaggle of big, bulky speakers scattered throughout the room. We specialize in designing and installing Entertainment Systems that discretely integrate into your home, not overwhelm it. Speaker solutions include the following:

In-Ceiling Speakers: In the ceiling and out of the way, our in-ceiling surround speakers are designed to focus the sound accurately into the seating area while offering a clean unobtrusive look. Some examples of completed projects (link)

In-Wall: Our in-wall speakers mount flush in the wall and are paintable allowing them to blend in. In-wall speakers offer many of the advantages of traditional speakers (such as improved imaging) in a more discrete application. As many Florida Family Rooms, Living Rooms, Great Rooms lack four walls, in-wall front speakers are often matched to in-ceiling surround speakers for the best of both worlds. Some examples of completed projects (link)

Modified Traditional: Traditional front speakers matched to in-ceiling surround speakers. In most cases traditional front speakers can even be built-in to custom cabinetry should you desire. We have designed many custom Entertainment Centers for our clients over the years. You can see some examples here.

Traditional: Traditional speakers all around are an option. Although we can’t remember the last time we were commissioned to provide this solution for a room other than a Home Theater or Media Room, this is always an option. Some examples of completed projects (link)

The other piece of the audio equation is either an A/V surround receiver or a Processor & Amplifier. How important is this piece of the audio equation? At the heart of every Entertainment System one of these two sits with almost every other piece connecting to it. Providing processing, source switching (audio and video), and amplification, the A/V surround receiver or Processor & Amplifier act like the engine making your Entertainment System go. At Premier we take great pride in matching the right A/V surround receiver or Processor & Amplifier to each speaker system to insure you receive maximum performance as a whole.

Video Display:

It has often been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. And when it comes to your Home Entertainment System, this is definitely the case. The Video Display is the one part of your Entertainment System that you want everyone to see, and see clearly. At Premier, we can help you match the right Video Display (Television or Projector/Screen) to the space you have. We can help you feel confident that everyone will have a visual experience that pulls them in to the world on the screen without overwhelming them.

Today, video displays fall into two basic categories: Flat Panel Televisions and Projectors.

Flat Panel Televisions offer a one-piece solution in small to medium size rooms where seating will be within 5-12’ of the display. With typical screen sizes ranging between 50”-80”, these slim displays are typically wall-mounted (although they don’t have to be) and can offer fantastic reproduction of video on the best models.

Projectors offer a better solution for medium to large rooms where there will be seating further back than 10’. Matching the right projector to the right screen for your particular room and to meet your particular needs is something Premier has focused on from day one. We have solutions that will work in lit rooms ideal for those who would like to use their system for Sports or Gaming (certainly dangerous to use a Wii or Xbox Kinect in the Dark), as well as movie aficionados who want to dim the lights and let the outside world disappear.

Power Management:

Often overlooked, but behind every Entertainment System there must be some type of power management solution. And while a cheap power strip might be an option, it’s probably not the right idea if you want to get the best performance out of your Entertainment System nor if you are looking to best protect it from power anomalies. Our Power Management solutions fall into two main categories:

  • Line Conditioners/Surge Protectors. This class of power management can range quite a bit from low end to advanced. The two things they all have in common are 1) Some type of protection for your equipment against power surges (overvoltage) as well as brownouts (undervoltage) and 2) Filters that aimed to eliminate (to varying degrees) noise in the power lines that can negatively impact sound and video. Line Conditioner/Surge Protectors offer varying degrees of protection and filtration, which helps differentiate their overall value. Better Line Conditioner/Surge Protectors are also designed to self-heal many common network issues that are caused when network routers, switches, and components lock up by rebooting them and in some cases even notifying the appropriate person of the network difficulty. An almost magical addition for the age of streaming media and network control.
  • Home Theater UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies). This class of power management solution will typically offer all of the features of a Line Conditioner/Surge Protector with one huge additional benefit – they have a battery back-up so if power is temporarily lost, all is not lost! Ever miss out on a program your DVR was supposed to record due to a temporary power outage? With the right Home Theater UPS your recording can keep rolling. The UPS can also give you time to properly shut down the rest of your system if the power outage is going to be extended and thus saving the equipment from potential damage due to sudden loss of power.
Furniture, Racks, Cables, Black Boxes, and Accessories:

All the little things that interconnect the system and tie it all together. This includes cables to pass signal throughout the system, as well as interfaces to allow everything to communicate and operate properly, mounts and racks to hold components, and wire management and accessories to keep everything looking neat and clean.

Three other categories not included in every Home Entertainment System, but that can also play an important role (especially in Home Theaters or Media Rooms) are Room Acoustic Treatments, Theater/Media Room Seating (Theater Chairs), Lighting/Lighting Control, and Room Décor.

Room acoustic treatments are typically wall mounted fabric wrapped panels available in different colors to match the room. Properly implemented, room acoustic panels improve quality of sound and intelligibility of audio and speech by eliminating excess sound reflections in a room. Ever clap your hands or speak in a room and hear echo? These are the reflected waves that room acoustic treatments can help eliminate.

Theater/Media Room Seating, sometimes referred to a Theater Chairs, can add a cinematic flair to to your room. Available in many different configurations from basic seat to custom creations including love seat, multi-seat, and even motorized. Premier offers a wide range of Theater seating options to make sure each customer finds a solution that fits exactly what they are looking for.

Lighting and lighting control can have a huge impact on the mood of a room and the Entertainment Experience. With lighting control from Premier, you can dim the lights for a quiet evening listening to music with a glass of wine, or turn it pitch black for an evening at the movies, and then back to fully lit again for your exit. And you can do all of this with the press of a button on your one-touch control.

Finally, Room Décor is the icing on the cake, all the little things you do to make the room truly, uniquely you. Lighting fixtures, carpeting, wall covering, and art, all coming together to complete the final picture of YOUR room.