Distributed Audio Systems
Set Your Music Free With Whole Home Audio
Music On Your Terms

Music moves the soul and we firmly believe it should be able to move you wherever you are in your home.

Get moving in the morning in the Master Bath with the 80’s or some Oldies.

Rock out by the Pool in the afternoon.

Relax after a hard day and sit down in the Den with a glass of wine and some soothing Jazz.

Music on your terms.

Easy to use home audio = more time to enjoy your music whether in one room or thirty two rooms.

Home audio systems require four main components to function: music source (or sources), distributed audio hub, speakers, and a user friendly control.


The most important part of any distributed audio system is the control interface.  Afterall, if you can't easily access and control your music, there is little point in having an home audio system.  Making your music play where you want when you want is what it is all about.

One of the key features of any control interface is the ability to browse and select the music you want to hear.  And there are a few different options that provide this ease browse and select approach.

The most basic of these is an OLED or LCD control pad capable of displaying text.  Text display allows for browsing through artists, albums, and songs.  Text based control pads are available both in wall-mount and wireless versions.

A more elegant interface is a color control panel.  Not only do these panels provide the ability to browse like the text based control pads, they add the ability to view album artwork providing a richer experience.  These control panels are also available in both wall-mount and wireless versions.

Looking to control your music with your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch?  Not a problem at all.  NuVo, Crestron, and Denon all offer apps for easy control of your home audio.  And their color displays provide all the same benefits as the color control panels.

The final control option is with your PC, Mac, or other web enabled device.  NuVo, Crestron, and Denon all offer a web interface allowing you to access and control your music from your web browser.  So you can sit at your desk and control your music while checking your email and browsing the internet.

NuVo Control Interfaces
Crestron Interfaces


We live in a digital age and the options for music are many.  In the distributed audio systems of this digital age, some of the most common music sources are:

  • Pandora Internet Radio. Pandora lets you create your own music stations based on songs or artists you enjoy. It even allows you to further tailor your stations by giving Pandora input on songs you like and songs you dislike. Really? Yes, really. FM is so 20th century.
  • Spotify. Truly music on demand. Do you remember those shiny little discs you used to load into the player? Forget about ‘em. Type in the name of an artist, album, or song and chances are Spotify has the music ready to play… ON DEMAND. Make your own playlists and update easily as new music is added. Music for the 21st century lifestyle.
  • iTunes or Windows Media. Have songs in your iTunes or Windows Media Player library? Whether you downloaded them, or better yet, ripped them lossless from a CD, we bet they sound better on your home audio system than your computer speakers!
  • iPod/iPad/iPhone. Listen to music on the go? Why not set you music free though your distributed audio system and send it throughout your house?
  • Sirius/XM Streaming. The same digital content you listen to in your car now streaming across the internet and to your home audio system.
  • Internet Radio. Did you realize most AM and FM stations across the country are now also broadcasting online? Yes they are.

NuVo’s Wireless Players allow adding from one to three zones of audio providing amplification and streaming music sources. NuVo’s wireless players are a fantastic way to update older house audio systems using existing wiring allowing you to stream music from your PC or Mac's iTunes or Windows Media Player Library, Pandora Internet Radio, and Sirius/XM Streaming. All easily controllable from a user friendly App.

NuVo's MusicPort and MusicPort Elite offer up to four independent streams of audio to your distributed audio system. Both will stream music from your PC or Mac's iTunes or Windows Media Player Library, Pandora Internet Radio, and Sirius/XM Streaming. Adding the MusicPort or MusicPort Elite also adds the ability to control your NuVo Grand Concerto, Essentia, or Renovia from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or PC/Mac web browser.

NuVo's wired and wireless iPod docks allow for easy browsing and selection of music stored on and iPod throughout your home. Drop on yours or have friends bring their iPods to your next party and share their music.

Distributed Audio System Hubs:
Distributed Audio System Hubs

NuVo Grand Concerto: 8-Zone, 6-Source solution allows you to play up to 6 different sources simultaneously in 8 different areas.  Need to cover more than 8 rooms?  The Grand Concerto Expander allows you to cover up to 16 rooms when added to the Grand Concerto.

NuVo Essentia G: 6-Zone, 6-Source solution allows your to play up to 6 different sources simultaneously in 6 different areas.  Need to cover more than 6 rooms?  The Essentia Expander allows you to cover up to 12 rooms when added to the Essentia.

NuVo Wireless Players allow adding one to three zones of audio in existing homes. Update older volume control based or speaker selector systems utilizing existing speaker wiring. Or create an all new system with Players throughout the house networking them together as one system wirelessly.

Crestron's Adagio family of whole home audio solutions offer similar configurations to the NuVo solutions but with added processor power allowing you to add control for lights, heating/cooling, and more.

Speaker Options:

Flush Mount In-Ceiling and In-Wall Speakers from Bowers & Wilkins (B&W), Definitive Technology, SpeakerCraft, and Episode.

Outdoor Speakers from Bowers & Wilkins (B&W), Definitive Technology, SpeakerCraft, and Episode.

Lifetime Warranty Rock Speakers and Subwoofers from SpeakerCraft.